Four Branches offers various shooting opportunities for shooters of all ages. Both our 14-station shooting clay course, as well as our five stands are designed to replicate shots that hunters may face in field shooting. Surrounded by a beautiful natural setting, our course makes the perfect day outing for friends, families and business events.

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Field Course

Four Branches features a European style 14-station sporting clays course.

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Five Stand

Start your day off by warming up at the five stands, then head on over to the 14-station shooting clay course. With stations that are constantly changing, you are sure to have a different challenge every time you visit Four Branches.

Gun Rentals

Gun rentals are available starting at $30 for Member. Non-Member rental rates are also available. 

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Youth Rates

Our clay price for youth ages 18 and under is only 38 cents per clay!

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Price List

Please check out our membership options for sporting clay prices for members vs. non-members.